Of Fading Memories


Of Fading Memories

Erhan Can Akbulut

Publisher: journal

Erhan Can Akbulut's publication "Of Fading Memories" (published by Journal Photobooks, Sweden) is an emotional conclusion of his tumbling period of loss and sorrow. Erhan has also designed the book by himself - the whole making process helped Erhan to deal with his past, like a form of self-therapy.

Dreams! My guideposts. Where I surrender to my subconscious so that I may understand and interpret what truly affects me. Dreams know more than they reveal. Once they took me on a ride through a lightning storm and illuminated the shining reason in the death of a loved one. I kissed her before she was wrapped in white cloth. Shadows of family, friends, lovers - loss, chaos, lust. All flicker past as I slip in and out of consciousness. Those were strange days now as I look back. In the fog of night everything revolved around death. Holding on to these fading memories, all I could do was try and stop the shadows from being swallowed up in darkness. Until now!
― Erhan Can Akbulut


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250 x 180 mm
148 pages
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