On the Beach 2

On the Beach 2

Jurgen LEHL

Publisher: HeHe

I remember Japan when it was still beautiful.
Which is why I want everyone to know—that Japan has gotten this dirty.
I will create something I think is beautiful, not just beautiful objects but something practical, able to serve people usefully once again.

― Jurgen Lehl

Since his first visit in 1971, designer Jurgen Lehl had lived in Japan for more than 40 years. Through his brand Babaghuri established in 2006, also through his life in Ishigaki Island and farming there, he had consistently shown awe to the nature and devotion to handicraft. The “last job” he had dedicated was the project of lamp shades made of trashes collected at the beach.
In On the Beach 1, around 90 works of such trash-made lamp shades created over 6 years are shown, together with photographs of the artist in production or on the beach for collecting trashes. Creative director Kazuko Koike, who has known Jurgen Lehl since his first visit to Japan, contributed an essay to this volume.
While On the Beach 2, abandoned and decayed flip-flops found on the beach are photographed and shown like a specimen book.
All things should be made to return to the earth after its life-What can we learn from this Jurgen’s words?

― Statement from publisher


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Book Size
210 × 148 mm
144 pages
Publication Date
English, Japanese

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