Oninimo Fukunimo ~Another Kyoto~

Oninimo Fukunimo ~Another Kyoto~

Arata DODO

Publisher: akaaka-sha

“Another Kyoto” is a rich and varied portrait of a diverse and diversifying prefecture. The book includes diary-like commentary in Japanese and English as well as a map of the photographs’ locations.

“‘All you need to keep on living is a roof to shelter from the rain and a field to plow’, I’m told by Walter, a farmer in Miyama’s bright valley.

Japanese photographer Arata Dodo spent three years since 2015 photographing the 26 cities, towns and villages in Kyoto Prefecture. The Tango Peninsula, where rice cultivation started after visitors came from the continent; fishing grounds in the Sea of Japan; Miyazu Domain, where the Gods pass through; Miyama and Kitayama, from where fresh lumber was transported through Yura river, Katsugawa river, then Hozu river; and there we find the tea of Uji, birthplace of Kyoto’s unique culture.” (from the publisher’s statement, translation by shashaha)

Keywords: Kyoto Snapshot


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Book Size
136 x 210 mm
280 pages
Publication Date
Soft Cover
English, Japanese

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