Post Hiroshige (J)


Post Hiroshige (J)


Publisher: Self-published

Includes a fine art pigment print

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Rohan Hutchinson’s examination of Japanese architecture through the lens of ukiyo master Hiroshige Utagawa

Taken in Sapporo in 2019, Australian photographer Rohan Hutchinson draw inspiration from ukiyo artist Hiroshige Utagawa in his approach to depict Japanese architecture and its treatment of space in photographs. Hiroshige revolutionized the ukiyo tradition and enriched the art with a new understanding regarding natural and artificial landscapes, away from previous mathematical-heavy approaches.

With “Post Hiroshige,” Hutchinson adopts Hiroshige’s approach to present and represent Japanese architecture in a different angle. His clean, detailed photographs reveal a deep consciousness of space both in a 3D space as well as in the two-dimensional realm of photography.

The book is limited to an edition of 150 signed and numbered copies. Each copy includes a limited edition print. Paying further homage to Hiroshige, the colors in the book and the photographic prints are pigment data from Hiroshige’s work “Kinryuzan Temple Akasaka, c 1830.”


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Book Size
280 × 220 mm
32 pages
Publication Year
Limited Edition

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