Prisons of North Burma

Prisons of North Burma

LU Nan

Publisher: China National Art Photograph Publishing House

Published by China National Art Photograph Publishing House in 2015, _Prisons of North Burma _presents the most recent publication by Lu Nan since his photobook trilogy _The Forgotten People._Within Lu Nan's body of work, Prisons of North Burma is a photographic portrayal of the individuals whose lives take stage against the backdrop of the abuse of Narcotics such as Opium and Heroin. Captured during the three months of which Lu Nan lived and worked at Yang Long Zhai Prison Camp and Kokang Zone Reformatory, located in the Northern Shan State of Myanmar, the images within capture the lives of individuals affected by the history's opium cultivation and the growing presence and damaging influences of foreign narcotics such as Heroin.

"The common people of Kokang have suffered terribly from continual strife. Nowadays, not only do they suffer from poverty and deprivation due to prohibition of poppy cultivation, they also face social problems due to the influx of traditional narcotics and new synthetic narcotics. Before prohibition, Kokang was a focus of concern due to its opium production; since prohibition, it has become a forgotten corner of the world. The people of Kokang need help from international society before they can emerge from their predicament."

  • Lu Nan excerpt from Prisons of North Burma Preface
Keywords: Documentary

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