Barry McGEE

Publisher: Aperture

This monograph is the first to explore the photographs of contemporary artist Barry McGee. Primarily known for his paintings, drawings, installations, zines and graffiti art, Barry McGee has drawn inspiration for his work from various situations in real life, captured in his vast archive of photographs spanning several decades.

McGee’s photographs in “Reproduction”—of people, surfboards, slums, forests, accidental geometric shapes, patterns on walls, urban explorations and myriad other subjects and situations—not only reveal the artist’s unending interest in his surroundings but also offer insight into his creative process and the sheer amount of visual information that informs McGee’s oeuvre.
Essays and texts by Sandy Kim, Ari Marcopoulous and Sandra S. Phillips further illuminate the nature of McGee’s work and its relationship with his photography.

“These pictures urge the imperative of looking at and accepting what the street reveals. There is plenty of humor yet also pathos, even tragedy, and a sympathy for the thrown-away, the cast-off, the junked. A heap of scraps is captured bathed in vigorous, beautiful sunlight. Potent messages sprayed on fences and walls preach: ‘Living well may be the best revenge bust just surviving sure pisses some people off …’”
― from Sandra S. Phillips’ essay “Barry McGee’s Snapshot Vision”

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Keywords: Drawing/Painting


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280 × 216 mm
224 pages, 250 images
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