Publisher: Self-published

With postcard and poster

you wake up in the mirror and open the rusty window

you see the eyes of stars and the wings of wind

no one gives a damn about the sense of time

only loneliness will be read on the last page of life

they said happiness is an allegory and unhappiness is a story

you hear a pencil rolling on the wooden floor

the rain beats down on the flagstone walk

as close as your heart, as cold as the rust

and the rust is, all the memories

which fading into distance

into a song, about the candle burning at both ends

about the sweet drunken air in the vintage candy land

into the color of shadow

into the shadow of dreams

— from the artist’s introduction

For his second photo book, Taiwanese artist Ricor turned his photographic eye towards the old, the used, the ancient: using his polaroid camera - an outdated, once state-of-the-art technology - Ricor captures antique commodities in dialogue with his model Chae Eun Son. Rust, scratches and patina have accumulated on these once useful commodities - hammers, stoves, desks, mirrors, bowls -, likened by the artist to memories left behind by their erstwhile users.
All copies sold through shashasha are signed by the artist and contain an additional poster and two original postcards.

Keywords: Portraiture Polaroid


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Book Size
300 x 230 mm
Poster Size
560 x 410 mm
96 pages, 44 images
Publication Date
Limited Edition

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