Shiori IKENO

Publisher: Deadbeat Club

Slowing down, really looking at things, noticing things. Connecting with life away from the busy cultural hubs and centers of the world’s metropolises. Seeing, and joining, a more simple life.

For the photographs in her book “Sado”, by Japanese artist Shiori Ikeno visited her grandmother on the small island of Sado off the coast of Niigata Prefecture. In quiet, calm pictures, she explores the island and its human and nonhuman inhabitants, spends time with her aging grandmother, reflects on life and how to spend it, and invites the reader to join her experiences, her pondering. “Sado” is exciting for its unagitatedness, its resolved, self-confident calmness and its willingness to engage with a lived-in beauty.

“In this recklessly busy world where the dominant ideology is one of “disruption” and of being constantly on the move, accepting the fact that the best parts of existence are far away from such nonsense offers solace. That is the lesson taught by this book.”
from Jörg Colberg’s review


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229 × 152 mm
48 pages
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