SHOUT special issue

SHOUT special issue

I-Hsuen CHENSherry HUANGMong-Jane WUTing CHENGMaya AKASHIKASohei NISHINOTakashi KURAYAMunemasa TAKAHASHIJihyun JUNGHyewon KEUMAHN JunDoyeon GWONJun-Sheng ZHOULan-Qing ZHUCAI Dong-Dong Jie-Hao SU

Publisher: Voice of Photography

Different covers (randomly selected). slight damage to lower end of slipcase

SHOUTis a special issue series published byVoices of Photographywith no stylistic limitations.In this very first issue we introduce 16 young artists from Taiwan, Japan, Korea and China, and invited photo critics Shih-Lun Chang, Tomoki Matsumoto, Sujong Song and Yue Ren to give their observations on contemporary photography.
SHOUTis available with different cover photos,which will be randomly sent out, from the photographers featured this time.

I-Hsuen Chen
Sherry Huang
Mong-Jane Wu
Ting Cheng
text / Shih-Lun Chang


Maya Akashika

Sohei Nishino

Takashi Kuraya

Munemasa Takahashi

text / Tomoki Matsumoto



Jihyun Jung

Hyewon Keum

Jun Ahn

Doyeon Gwon

text / Sujong Song



Jun-Sheng Zhou

Lan-Qing Zhu

Dong-Dong Cai

Jie-Hao Su

text / Yue Ren

Keywords: Magazine Taiwan


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Book Size
210 x 150 mm
192 pages
English, Chinese
4 Softcover books with slipcase
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SHOUT special issue

I-Hsuen CHEN, Sherry HUANG, Mong-Jane WU, Ting CHENG, Maya AKASHIKA, Sohei NISHINO, Takashi KURAYA, Munemasa TAKAHASHI, Jihyun JUNG, Hyewon KEUM, AHN Jun, Doyeon GWON, Jun-Sheng ZHOU, Lan-Qing ZHU, CAI Dong-Dong , Jie-Hao SU