Something Beautiful Might Happen


Something Beautiful Might Happen


Publisher: Usimaoda

Photographs by Shinzo Shimao

Poems by Madeleine Marie Slavick


The photographer, Shinzo Shimao (b. 1948, Kobe) has been traveling to Hong Kong repeatedly since many years. The fifty photographs divided into three parts (‘Eyes,’ ‘Words’ and ‘Sleepless’) with the poems by Madeleine Slavic, reveal the attractive details of this city, the visionary world seen by the photographer. Wandering in China is the book by the same author.


“While taking photos, I discover many things and receive many sensations. Among these encounters—with social issues, beautiful and interesting physical forms, unusual customs, things worth recording, events that may leave their mark on history—the ones that have always fascinated me the most are those that strike me as somehow mysterious. In my photographs I have tried to capture what it is in a place’s atmosphere that leaves a deep impression, the blend of diffused colors and shapes that creates the distinctive aura of the place.

I am delighted to have had this opportunity to produce a book with Madeleine Slavic, who looks into society with a warm heart and subtle gaze.”

——From Photographer’s Note by Shinzo Shimao

Keywords: Snapshot


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Book Size
210 x 230 mm
140 pages, 50 color plates
Publication Date
7 July, 2010
Japanese and English
Limited edition

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