Still Life

With the corona pandemic having put many people’s lives on hold, publisher Same Paper invited thirteen artists throughout the world to present their ‘new normal’ in one of Western Art’s most classical genres: the still life.

With new nuances to its meaning due to the current situation, the still life photographs by artists such as Xiaopeng Yuan, Peng ke, Charles Negre, Thomas Albdorf, Caroline Tompkins and Antje Peters – each given their own respective space within the book – create stories and representations within limitation (in a technical as well as more general sense).

“We were curious how these photographers would respond to the current circumstances, to the chaos and anxiety, and to whom or to what they would choose to photograph for. From the spring of 2020, we have received their new works in succession – some are monuments created from a mixture of objects; intimate relationships with animals or their companions; the imaginary getaway; or depictions of their mental state.” (from the book’s afterword)


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Book Size
270 × 210 mm
250 pages
Publication Year
Limited Edition

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Still Life

Harley WEIR, Xiaopeng YUAN, Makoto OONO, Charles NEGRE, David Brandon GEETING, Ke PENG, Antje PETERS, Bobby DOHERTY, Caroline TOMPKINS, Geray MENA, Sergiy BARCHUK, Sophie Tianxin CHEN, Thomas ALBDORF