Summer Nights, Walking

Summer Nights, Walking

Robert ADAMS

Publisher: Steidl

This is an enlarged re-edition of the 2009 version of Robert Adams “Summer Nights, Walking,” for which he revisited his series of nighttime photographs taken near his former home in Longmont, Colorado, in the mid-1970s.
Shooting with only the sparse light provided by the moon and nearby streetlights, Adams captured the melancholy and tranquility of his neighborhood, transforming the roads, houses, fields, sidewalks, trees and other details that accompanied him on his nightly walks into a sequence that reflected his experience.

“We remember from childhood the beauty and peace of summer evenings, and we long to believe that what we saw then is timeless. It was this hope that guided my selection of pictures for the first version of the book, Summer Nights, in 1985.
In recent years, however, when I looked again at the photographs that I might have chosen but did not, it has seemed to me that if I had included a wider variety, the result would have been, though less harmonious, more convincing, closer to our actual experience of wonder, anxiety, and stillness.”
― from Robert Adams’ foreword

Keywords: Landscape


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257 × 254 mm
84 pages, 69 images
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