The Elements

The Elements

CHOI Yongjoon

Publisher: The Phrase

With “The Elements,” South-Korean artist Yongjoon Choi follows up on his 2019 photobook “Location.” A further development of his unique photographic style, the images in “Elements” reframe elements and parts of urban landscapes—from small details such as buttons to large physical entities such as building blocks—into geometrical, yet organic compositions. Yongjoon Choi weaves together patterns of civilization whose compatibility emerges as the result of sheer chaos. In “Elements,” engineers and architects become anonymous collaborators of Yongjoon Choi’s vision, aiding him in his discovery of unconventional, new forms of beauty based on his unorthodox perspective.

Yongjoon Choi’s “The Elements” includes an afterword by Park Chanyong in Korean and English.


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Book Size
310 × 255 mm
128 pages
Publication Year
English, Korean

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