Wandering in Osaka

Wandering in Osaka

Hitoshi KONDO

Publisher: Vacuum Press

Captured in both colour and black and white, Wandering in Osaka puts together Kondo's photographic series '_The Town in Black and White 1995-2004 _and The Town in Primary Colours 2005-2011. Both series placed together within this publication are a visual representation which captures, documents and explores themes related to home and belonging. Here Hitoshi Kondo captures his everyday environments, filled with the comings and goings of people, Kondo's Wandering in Osaka brings together "unanticipated encounters" to realisations of the familiar. Interweaving both old and new within this body of work, they underlying reflection from the publication is the emphasis in a collective sense of nostalgia. The images act as both reminder and record to change and the passing of time but anchors our senses of the familiar.

This publication includes an afterword by Shunji Dodo entitled Memories and Scenes as well as the afterword by Hitoshi Kondo.

Keywords: Osaka Street Snap


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250 x 220 mm
132 pages
Soft Cover
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