Saki OMI

Publisher: Union Publishing Limited

A blurry shot of a gay couple kissing on the streets of Vienna, a close-up shot of a Culver’s ice cream sundae in Chicago, a swan floating above the blackness of a pond in Paris—it is the unsuspecting moments, rather than the landmarks and attractions, that capture the attention of Japanese photographer Saki Omi. Omi's career as a fashion photographer has taken her around the world over the past decade, from Frankfurt in Germany, to Chicago and New York in the USA to Tbilisi in Georgia and Sydney in Australia. Her acute snapshots of casual encounters and fleeting moments capture her desire to see and experience the world, to be away from home, and her homesickness for foreign places.

“These photos I took for myself tell me thigns I’ve forgotten.
These photos I took for myself tell me about myself.
I always had faith in digital photography, while shooting these pictures digitally.
Often I didn’t even look through the viewfinder. The images were just records for myself.
But when I revisited them, they were vivid, portraying the excitement of the moments.”
― from Saki Omi’s afterword

Keywords: Fashion Travel


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