Yoshihiko SAITO

Publisher: Sokyusha

Areas known as suburbs are enwrapped in an unsettling atmosphere. Although people are living here, there is no sign of human life to be felt. Perhaps it is because many of them have no roots in this place; they came here from somewhere else. In Yoshihiko Saito’s photobook “Milestones,” that unsettling atmosphere of the suburbs is captured in images that offer their viewers a comfortable sense of fear and gloom.

“I have not been born here, and I don’t feel particularly attached to this place. I even forgot the reason I once moved here. Trying to accept the fact that this is the place where I am currently living, I go around and repeatedly record the interior of imaginary lines.” (from the afterword)

Keywords: Suburbia


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Book Size
256 × 256 mm
104 pages, 99 images
Publication Date
English, Japanese
Limited Edition

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