You're there and I'm here

You're there and I'm here

YANG Seung-Woo


I came to Japan around ten years ago. Nine years ago, I became interested in photography because I was impressed by the world of photography in a photography class I took. This was the first time I had taken such a class, and I had never experienced such a remarkable world view. This class was my introduction to photography.

At that time, I gravitated toward Kabuki-cho in Shinjuku. I was interested in human interaction and lifestyle in the most glittering neon metropolis. In the city, I met people with different lifestyles, behaviors, and backgrounds. Wanting to photograph them created an uncontrollable desire in me. I spent each long weekend taking photos on the streets of Kabuki-cho. you can see some of these photos of Gonta in this book.

In Korean, my own country, I thought about the human condition in the wake of a friend’s suicide. People have emotional weaknesses as well as emotional strengths. I started taking photographs of my friends to incorporate them into my work. Recently, I have also become interested in myself. I may have a somewhat narcissistic personality, and I expect to discover a view of something new by looking deep inside myself.

I prefer people who slightly stray from the ordinary life track to those who remain strictly on the rails. I would like to keep taking photos of people selecting a lifestyle outside the straight and narrow. I envision such work as my lifetime theme.

I am planning to go to New York to set up food stand on the street.

― Artist statement

Keywords: Documentary


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146 x 210 mm
120 pages
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English, Japanese

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