111 l


111 l


Publisher: fujita haruka photographs

“In February, professor Furukawa, the current director of the Nakaya Ukichiro Museum of Snow and Ice, whom I invited to a talk event for my photo exhibition, revealed to me that water vapor was discovered in the atmosphere of a far-off planet.

This meant it may snow somewhere in space.”

It is snow and fireworks that Japanese photographer Haruka Fujita works with in her photobook “111 l”. Through the simple techniques that photography affords her, Fujita captures the otherworldliness, the transformativeness that lies within falling snowflakes, exploding fireworks and snow-covered ground. Her visual discoveries are like little poems that hint us at the diversity and the miniverses hidden in plain sight.

“Will mankind ever abandon this once beautiful planet for another?
Maybe those of us left behind will set off fireworks, filled with our reflections on the past and wishes for the future.
This is what I imagined, stuck with nowhere to go, during the long and rainy summer days.” — from Haruka Fujita’s afterword (included in Japanese & English translation)


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Book Size
297 × 210 mm
40 pages
Publication Year
English, Japanese

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