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“I want to keep going, as long as the sky is still bright and the shadows before me have not yet disappeared…”

At 87 years of age, Japanese photographer Kikuji Kawada shows no signs of slowing down. Founding member of the influential VIVO group and internationally renowned for his photographic oeuvre, Kawada’s latest photobook “20” is composed of images originally uploaded by Kawada to his instagram page between 2019 and 2020.

“There is no sign of a beginning or an end in these 30 images. No particular rhythm, no rhyme to the colors or shapes, just images that mingle and proliferate like slime mold. There may be images that capture multiple moments, shadow scrolls, and illusions crawling across the ground and floating in mid-air. The shimmering mirage of an invisible city.

Within this time of plague in 2020, the progression of images may appear like a grotesque fable, but there is no new story being told. I am merely wandering on the edge of an imagination that may disappear at any given moment.” — from the artist’s statement (translated by shashasha)

The title of his latest photobook “20” was a suggestion by book designer Hikari Machiguchi and editor Yohei Kawada, whom Kawada met through his Instagram account in 2020.

Photographs © Kikuji Kawada

Book Size
257 × 182 mm
32 pages, 30 images
Publication Year
Limited Edition

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