A Transparency Poem

A Transparency Poem


Publisher: Place M

In his photobook “A Transparency Poem,” Chinese photographer Huang Jing filters easily overlooked moments and situations of his everyday surroundings through a series of quiet, ethereal images. Still lifes, calculated compositions, snapshots and repeated captures of the same situation (a boy’s head seen from behind in a crowded bus, a rounded staircase, a flower vase within a garden, etc.), shot in black and white and arranged with a poem-like rhythm. Huang Jing’s photographs render the world pure and poetic, and allow everything captured within them to share a few moments together in silence. “A Transparency Poem” a calm, inquisitive, poetic journey aimed at noticing and discovering beauty rather than willing it into existence.

Keywords: China


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Book Size
310 × 220 mm
84 pages, 128 images
Publication Year
Limited Edition

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