After All


After All

HUANG Jun Tuan

Publisher: Moom Editions

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There is an almost sculpture-like quality to Taiwanese photographer Huang Jun Tuan’s monochrome photographs, as if the figures in his images are carved into black darkness. The dazzling range of subjects, genres, locations and styles covered in “After All” – formal, impromptu and intimate portraits, concert photographs, landscapes and still lifes, even abstract and experimental photographs – is a testament to Huang Jun Tuan’s dedication and experimentiveness.

“In the middle of the night before the printing of this book, I started to go over everything that happened around me while I had my camera in hand. I had strong impressions of every event, but the outlines were all blurry, like they were stories told by someone else. As if in a dream, you know for a fact you were there to witness everything, but as soon as you wake up, it feels like nothing ever really took place.”
― From the artist's statement

Keywords: Taiwan Memory Snapshot


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Book Size
256 × 192 mm
120 pages, 63 images
Publication Year
Limited Edition

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