B, drawings of abstract forms

B, drawings of abstract forms

Toshiaki MORI

Publisher: Steidl

Tokyo-based designer, illustrator and photographer Toshiaki Mori’s eclectic, dynamic images are created by digitally stitching, splicing, reconstructing and reconfiguring photographs which are then re-colored and superimposed with text fragments, grids and shapes. Browsing through his book “B, drawings of abstract forms” then provides a stimulating, almost overwhelming experience of a visual world coinciding with a multiplicity of information and inspirations.
Mori’s original photographs feature motifs from Japan’s industrial land- and cityscapes – towers, building sites, rollercoasters, skyscrapers, building cranes – with occasional close-ups of everyday objects such as shoes or lightbulbs.

“Toshiaki Mori has no intention of revealing the contents of his multi-layered collages of time and space.”
— Toshio Kuwabara

Toshiaki Mori’s “B, drawings of abstract forms” was one of the winners of the inaugural Steidl Book Award in 2016, held in collaboration with Post bookshop in Tokyo and Takeo Paper Mill.


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Book Size
297 × 210 mm
104 pages, 98 images
Softcover, Slipcase
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