Berlin hanayos saugeile kump (adidas Originals Edition)

Berlin hanayos saugeile kump (adidas Originals Edition)


Publisher: Getsuyosha

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Hanayo’s first encounter with the city of Berlin began with the beginning of her lifelong friendship with artist, actor and author Christoph Schlingensief. Whilst in London in 1997, Hanayo moved to Berlin on an invitation by Christoph to act in one of many of his plays. What would follow would lead onto an array of encounters and experiences, all in the name of performance, art and freedom of expression. Here within Hanayo’s publication_Berlin hanayos saugeile kumpels_is a visualized memoir to a city in which enveloped and instilled the willful nature and fearlessness in which many of her friends expressed. The photobook comes along with detailed annotations by Hanayo for each image included representing a photographic diary, hazed by the effects of time yet clear through the lasting powers of friendship, attachment and memory. The text included is available in both Japanese, German and English.

"I was taking piano, singing and ballet classes before I can even remember. My father gave me an old camera. I joined the photography club because the teacher liked me. My parents made me go to a college-track school so I ended up going to college. I became a Hangyoku, and also became a singer on TV. I married a German guy, and played in a band based in London. Tenko was born. I appeared on Schlingensief’s stage, and moved to Berlin. I played in many bands and participated in many projects and exhibitions. I am now living in Tokyo for the first time in 15 years and looking back, I feel that all of these events simply happened to me by chance. I’ve in fact lived a very passive life. One thing I can say, however, is that I was very lucky to be able to spend my growing years surrounded by so many interesting friends in Berlin - a city that I unexpectedly drifted to."

  • February 2013 Hanayo Excerpt from Berlin hanayos saugeile kumpels
Keywords: Performance Snapshot


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