Chizu ni nai Mura (“Villages Absent from Maps”)

Chizu ni nai Mura (“Villages Absent from Maps”)

Hiroaki OSHIRO

Publisher: Mirai-sha Publishers

Hiroaki Oshiro, one of Okinawa’s leading photojournalists, takes his lens on a journey into the never-ending darkness of war.

In “Chizu ni nai Mura” (“Villages Absent from Maps”), Oshiro traces the horrors of the Second World War, the turbulent postwar political landscape and the reality of the US-Japan alliance a with a focus on his birthplace of Miwa village, site of the last battleground in the battle of Okinawa. In 123 images, Oshiro masterfully assembles fragments of Okinawan life – portraits taken within the context of everyday life, farm work, closeups of bugs and animals, natural sceneries, villages, scenes of political protests, graves, remembrance ceremonies, flowers, caves, bunkers, skulls – into an affecting document about the long-lasting scars of the war.

The book ends with an essay by Isao Nakazato. Please note that all text in the book is in Japanese.

Keywords: Okinawa War


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233 × 258 mm
152 pages, 123 images
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