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Expressing himself vigorously through photography since the 1990s, Kanemura’s work has been viewed favourably by critics in and outside of Japan. In 2014, Kanemura, who is not one to pay mind to fleeting acidic smells, underexposing, overexposing, uneven development, water shortage, scratches on the screen, dust or curly and wavy rollprints, was awarded the Nobuo Ina Award for his exhibition at Nikon Salon - where he had his prints pinned directly to the wall.

In 2013, Kanemura received his first digital camera, a Ricoh GR, and began photographing digitally with serious dedication, parallel to his film photography.
«With digital photography, you start to become nervous as soon as you stop shooting»

Similar to a Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder patient doing the same thing over and over again, Kanemura began photographing the world as if he had become obsessed by it.
«Where lies photography’s aspiration, in an age where compact digital cameras, iPhones and smartphones allow limitless photography?»
These flowing, flickering city fragments - are they photographs, are they images? - come without cycle of scrap and repeat, without the catharsis granted by faults.

Kanemura, challenging not only analog photography, but also venturing into digital’s farthest corners, shines light on a new type of photography. For his debut photo book of digital photography, he selected 158 images from tens of thousands of shots taken in the span of a year, edited together with Japanese writing by the author that spans 10000 characters.

  • From publisher statement (translation by shashasha)
Keywords: Tokyo Urban Landscape


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