Florida Strawberries

Florida Strawberries

Anthony BLASKO

Publisher: Stanley / Barker

Anthony Blasko took the photographs of his photobook “Florida Strawberries” at an 11-day long communal event called the Plant City Strawberry Festival, held each year in Florida. “Local fairs and carnivals have a long history in America. Even as we lose our connection to our agricultural past, there is something timeless about gathering at the fair,” he writes in his artist statement.

Told through portrays and close-ups, Blasko captures the people gathering here at the Strawberry Festival, held to celebrate the annual strawberry harvest, as well as the rides, the food, the stalls, the many quick moments and details that are part of the particular atmosphere and charm of this temporary place. The beautiful, vivid warmth of Blasko’s photographs is particularly remarkable, as he limited his photography to the last two sunlit hours of the day, basking each of his shots in the golden kiss of the setting sun.

For more information on Anthony Blasko’s “Florida Strawberries,” we recommend this short interview in i-D magazine.


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300 × 230 mm
120 pages
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