America: Footprints in Time 1982-2012

America: Footprints in Time 1982-2012

Tom Finke

Publisher: Sokyusha

"America is the 4th of July and Labor Day, picnics, parades, and county fairs. It is skyscrapers and small towns. It is baseball and jazz, poetry and rodeos, pancakes, hot dogs, and popcorn. It is summer storms and lightning bugs, crisp autumns, and winter blizzards. It is every kind of landscape from mountains to deserts, farms to seacoasts, cast plains to wide rivers. It inspires hopes and nurtures dreams, and it never ceases to amaze.
... All of us are signaling to one another all the time, both deliberately and involuntarily. My photographs are just another part of the constant ritual of communication in which we all participate."

  • Excerpt from afterword by Tom Finke America: Footprints in Time 1982-2012

Published in 2015 by Sokyusha, Tom Finke's America: Footprints in Time 1982-2012 brings together a body of images which captures the everyday scenes within ceremony in American society. From picnics to public events in cities such as San Francisco to Arizona, Finke presents a visual narrative both distant and intimate in its encounters and familiarity. Within the comforts of the crowd the images reflect a celebration of all which makes the people photographed at once similar yet vastly unique.

Included within is an afterword by Tom Finke.

All text available in both Japanese and English.

Keywords: American Street Snap


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Book Size
260 x 240 mm
80 pages, 73 images
Publication Date
Limited Edition

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