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After 6 years from his debut series of "NAMI" (wave), the new subject he chose for another exploration was "KAWA" (river) ---
One day he encounter a small stream: being struck with a fresh impression of the background of river - pouring down in one direction and finally become one with the grand sea - Syoin Kajii started photographing rives since then. From the Igazu Falls, to rivers in Japan, China, Australia, Canada, Morocco and Zimbabwe, he spent 6 years for traveling around the world and shooting the native rivers.
From the earliest times, "river" has been always next to us,as the base of our living and culture. At the same time, as seen in the Buddhist expression of the Sanzu river, it's often compared to a special existence which is laid across on the border of here and there. As Kajii says, the nature of photographing the very moment of the flow was similar to chanting a sutra as both require to get concentrated and to make out the nature of a thing by facing to it properly. Releasing awe-inspiring energy, this book "KAWA" powerfully delivers variety of features of rivers.
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