Kesho (make-up)

Kesho (make-up)


Publisher: NORMAL

Japanese make-up artist UDA shares his unprecedented approach to makeup

For more than 30 years in his career as a make-up artist, UDA has followed, broken, redefined and played with the fundamental rules of his craft. With “Kesho” (lit. “Make-Up”), he not only presents his creative vision but also – as he points out in his foreword – hopes to provide a new perspective and guide readers to find their own ways of self-expression.

Conceptually, the book takes inspiration from the 72 Japanese micro-seasons, paying close attention to color palettes, texture and motifs. Throughout the book, UDA’s texts help readers understand the approach to particular make-up decisions or provide context about the seasonal inspirations behind UDA’s creations.


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Book Size
237 × 186 mm
368 pages
Publication Year
English, Japanese