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Yoko Asakai's "sight" is a series of portraits, taken around the world, of people watching movies at home. Asakai never reveals the screen, so finding out which movie the subjects are actually watching can provoke surprise, if not humor. Those five uncomfortable-looking Europeans? They're watching "The Seventh Seal," of course. What's got that older Japanese woman on the edge of her seat? "Babe." Meanwhile, a Korean man watches "Evangelion 1.11 - You Are (Not) Alone"--alone. Aside from these simple pleasures, the work explores the relationship between looking and being looked at. Asakai takes these portraits when her subjects are in a moment of complete concentration on the screen. They appear to be unaware of the camera, which sets up a complex relationship between the viewer and the viewed. English text included in this book: information about each photograph (date, location, film), full list of acknowledgements and subject credits, text by Shihoko Iida.

Keywords: Cinema Conceptual


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Book Size
215 × 250 mm
100 pages
Art Director
Junya Handa
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