On Listening to Trees

On Listening to Trees

Albarrán CABRERA

Publisher: Atelier EXB

This is the English edition of “On Listening to Trees” by Albarrán Cabrera.

“After flicking through this book, you might think it is just another publication about trees. But the truth is this book reflects us.”

With “On Listening to Trees,” the Spanish artist duo Albarrán Cabrera have created a stunning visual meditation on trees - their beauty, their nature, and our relationship with them as human beings. Despite the seemingly limited subject matter, the artist duo have produced a varied and fascinating series, full of textures, colors, and patinas, that is as interested in the appearance of trees as it is in their essence, their being, the unreachable parts beyond appearance. As the essay in the back of the book reveals, Albarrán Cabrera have based their series on extensive research into history, biology and literature, with references to the work of numerous artists and writers, most notably Hermann Hesse.

“When shooting these trees, we have learnt how to listen to them and to understand ourselves better. Paraphrasing Hermann Hesse, we want to be nothing except what we are, we found home, we found happiness.”
― both citations from Albarrán Cabrera’s foreword

Keywords: Nature


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290 × 212 mm
184 pages, 101 images
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