Photographic Syntax

Photographic Syntax

Albarrán CABRERA

Publisher: Ibasho

Second edition

“At first, we photographed with the simple intention of recording what we saw. But soon our interest shifted from capturing the superficial appearance of reality to investigating its ‘underlying structure’. Thus, photography has in this way become the perfect philosophical tool with which to understand the world and our images are the by-product of that investigation, the notebooks of our research.”
― from Albarrán Cabrera’s introduction

With their visually stunning photobook “Photographic Syntax,” the Spanish artist duo Albarrán Cabrera (Anna Cabrera and Ángel Albarrán) continue their pursuit of reality, meaning, truth and memory through the medium of photography. In multiple series (among them “Time”, “Identity” and “Deeper Reality”), the artists present concrete and abstract motifs of natural scenes and phenomena and human intervention. One particular element of their work is the express belief in the photograph not only as an idealized image but as a physical object, reflected in “Photographic Syntax” by the intense vividness and breathtaking colors of their prints—the result of an original printing process achieved through Albarrán Cabrera’s technical virtuosity.

In addition to the introduction, “Photographic Syntax” features several other texts (all in English) by Albarrán Cabrera about the nature of the included images.


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240 × 170 mm
198 pages
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