Philia Special Edition

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Philia Special Edition

Michiko KON

Publisher: Kokushokankokai

Japanese photography artist Michiko Kon uses everyday items such shoes and hats and foodstuffs like fish and fruit to create objects and stage scenes from a strange otherworld. This book, published to commemorate Michiko Kon’s exhibition of the same title at the Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura & Hayama, includes more than one hundred of her works from early in her career to her recent works.

Kon’s work has garnered critical attention both in Japan and internationally for her imaginative combination of ordinary items and the mysterious nature of her creations. Including forewords by the artist and the Japanese poet Takashi Mutsuo, a long interview with Michiko Kon, essays by Tate Modern senior curator Nakamori Takafumi and art critic Mizusawa Tsutomu as well as an extensive overview of her career (all texts included in Japanese and in English translation), “Philia” is an ideal publication for anyone interested in Michiko Kon’s art.

This special edition of “Philia” is signed by the artist. It features a different binding from the standard version as well as four bookmarks with words by Michiko Kon.


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Book Size
284 × 230 mm
192 pages
Publication Year
English, Japanese
Limited Edition

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