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Yoshiyuki OKUYAMA

Publisher: BOOTLEG

Yoshiyuki Okuyama’s debut work “Girl” is finally available again.

Okuyama’s 2012 debut photobook “Girl” – republished by BOOTLEG – comprises a poetic exploration of dreams and memories. In sensual photographs (both monochrome and in color), Okuyama traces after mental records and emotional images, using graphical abstractions as well as more straightforward portraiture images.
“While we sleep, we organize the information gathered during the day. Colors, sounds, smells, temperatures; joy as well as sadness, frustrating moments and moments when we were at peace. People we met, scenes we encountered. Useful information will be remembered, and whatever is found to be useless is discarded. This process of organizing, if we can remember it, is what we call dreams. They start to fade the moment we awake, and soon feel like memories from a distant past. This series is a photographic exploration of such mental images and emotional memory.” — from the artist’s statement (translation by shashasha)


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220 × 290 mm
80 pages
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