Los Angeles / San Francisco

Los Angeles / San Francisco

Yoshiyuki OKUYAMA

Publisher: Union Publishing Limited

For “Los Angeles / San Francisco”, Japanese photographer Yoshiyuki Okuyama, known for his acute portrayals of what the day-to-day reality of life in Japan, left his comfort zone and documented his travels in the West Coast of the US.
His senses sharp as ever, he encounters the two cities not as one of their insiders but as an interested documentarist.

“When shooting in an unfamiliar location, finding a place, person, or thing, and the right light can take time.
I wake early, take a shower and set off down an unknown road in the just-risen morning-sun. I walk constantly until sunset. I walk and walk, for 12 hours; almost never looking at a map. I like the feeling of the town soaking into me, almost etching itself into my brain as I walk through it.”

— from Yoshiyuki Okuyama’s foreword

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