As the Call, So the Echo

As the Call, So the Echo

Yoshiyuki OKUYAMA

Publisher: akaaka-sha

The photographs in “As the Call, so the Echo” were taken over a period of two years and show the day-to-day scenery of a friend’s family and the small village they live in.
Okuyama began the series not with the intent to create an artwork. Rather, after an exhaustion following a sudden success as a photograper, he reduced his approach to simply reacting, moment by moment, to what was happening in front of him.

“Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open, and just look for a while.
You’ll find colors that are not colors, hear sounds that are not quite sounds.
And, just like an echo, a moment will come when you will hear it.
Not a thing with sound waves - leaves rusting on trees, the mewing of a cat, the sound of guitar playing, children frolicking, that kind of thing - but sounds never audible while clicking the shutter. Sounds first heard on looking back at the print. Relying on that undulation, that air of something quivering and shimmering, a wave motion, I arrange the photos.”

— From Yoshiyuki Okuyama’s afterword

Book Size
254 x 220 mm
168 pages
Publication Date
English, Japanese

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