Photopaper 53: Additional


Photopaper 53: Additional


Publisher: The Kasseler Fotografie Festival

Adding, in a way, a fresh take to the popular genre of food photographer, Japanese artist Miko Okada employs her series “Additional” to emphasize the use of additives in Japanese food. According to her artist statement, over 1500 different food additives are in use in Japan, an exceedingly high number compared to other developed countries. Through minimal, effective photographs, Okada captures common foods and ingredients like eggs, milk, dried fish and others in pleasing ways while at the same time othering their function as edible nourishment.

“Some of the photographs show food that is thought to be dangerous for people. Nowadays it is very difficult to get additive-free food and drinks in supermarkets and grocery stores. I think this is proof that we eat without being aware of the problem, and that it seems to be the only way to do it at the moment. It is time to encourage the people of the present generation to address this issue.” — from Miko Okada’s statement

“Additional” is published as issue 53 of the German photography magazine Photopaper.

Keywords: Food


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