Taipei Diary

Taipei Diary


Publisher: The Velvet Cell

Award-winning documentary photographer Peter Bialobrzeski’s visual Taiwan diary.

World-renowned German photographer Peter Bialobrzeski’s “Taipei Diary” is part of his series of photographic diaries of various cities throughout the world, including Wolfsburg, Athens, Cairo, Kochi and Budapest. Bialobrzeski examines whether the city of Taipei – its “image”, as conveyed through media, history, prejudice – can be caught in pictures at all. His visually dense tapestry is the result of a mix of coincidental flaneurism and a politically-conscious approach.

“The architecture and structure of the city can be described at first glance as totally featureless. I love the sheer eclecticism of it. A total visual pleasure. One will not find this everywhere in the world. An amount of signs cramped into almost every lane.”

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