Wuhan Diary

Wuhan Diary


Publisher: The Velvet Cell

“One walks through a gate and enters another world. While I quietly walk the lanes, the video guy launches a noisy camera-drone to shoot me from the air. A group of locals step out of the relocation office and turn their heads skywards. Their houses will be cleared to make way for new skyscrapers, while above us a strange noisy beast pretends to be a metaphor for things to come.”

Renowned German photographer Peter Bialobrzeski’s “Diary” series has taken him around the world, from Greece to Switzerland, Egypt, Taiwan, Lebanon and India. In “Wuhan Diary”, he records in photos the three weeks he spent in Wuhan, China, in the beginning of 2017. Bialobrzeski’s photographs grasp at the density of the city, they capture Wuhan’s social and visual diversity. Bialobrzeski questions the power of image and prejudice and probes the potential of photographs to convey single truths.

“360° cameras are mounted on every street corner. walking through a Hutong, I see a WANTED poster for crime suspects. But, unlike the old days, there are no mugshots. Every single image is a Google Streetview-type blurry portrait taken by an automated camera.”


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210 × 140 mm
112 pages
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