Queen of Nowhere

Queen of Nowhere

Kourtney ROY

Publisher: IIKKI


Created as a collaborative work to be enjoyed with music by Dayve Samek (Trance Farmers), Kourtney Roy’s photobook “Queen of Nowhere” composes Roy’s meticulously arranged self-portraits into a microverse of surreal wonder, humor, the grotesque, and mystique. Playing with stereotypes, imagery and fantasies born from the zeitgeist of postwar America, Roy’s photographs create carefully set stages in which she then performs different roles that act as critique, shatter and expand ideological limits, and allow her to express her own fantasies and visions.

Each book includes a download link to the Trance Farmers’ album created for this project, to be enjoyed while reading the book or on its own.

“[H]ere she is, more glamorous than ever, accompanied by handsome men with bulging muscles; Sue Ellen, not yet decadent but already a great lover of cocktails, abandoning the atmosphere of film noir for technicolor blockbusters. As you can see, Kourtney’s self-mockery reigns supreme, which goes without saying for a Queen of Nowhere…”
― from Sylvie Hugues’s introduction to Kourtney Roy’s same-titled exhibition at Galerie Esther Woerdehoff

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Book Size
240 × 220 mm
132 pages, 95 images
Publication Year
Limited Edition

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