My Ektachrome


My Ektachrome


Publisher: KAIDO BOOKS

Koji Onaka’s “My Ektachrome” came into being when the photographer rediscovered a number of his photographs shot all over Japan between 1996 and 1999. In this rare period, Onaka shot on positive slide film (Kodak Ektachrome) before eventually adopting color negative film for his work. True to Onaka’s style, these photographs – of street corners in small towns, mom-and-pop shops, blurry animals, back alleys with playing children, old shopping malls and sunbeat hills and mountains – exude a strange, inescapable sense of nostalgia. But as with previous works, it is a warm, productive kind of nostalgia that nudges the viewer to imagine phantom backstories for all these borrowed personal moments, encounters and places.

“Back in 1996 in my mid-thirties, after publishing DISTANCE, a high-contrast B&W photobook, there was a stretch when I was shooting with both B&W negative and positive color films. After a while I encountered negative color films and naturally, I said goodbye to B&W and positive films. Recently I found a lot of positive films from those days that I had forgotten about and I cut out the frames that I thought were good and set them aside as my first check, and now that I couldn’t find those shots preliminary checked as the important ones, I thought that maybe it was destined to happen. So, moving forward, I copied the remaining photos with a digital camera.”
― from Koji Onaka’s afterword (all texts included in Japanese and in English translation)

Keywords: Japan Snapshot


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155 × 213 mm
64 pages
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English, Japanese
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