TOKYO 1961(Special Edition)

Special EditionSigned

TOKYO 1961(Special Edition)

William KLEIN

Publisher: Akio Nagasawa Publishing

Includes original signed print / NUMBERED / A little scratches on the cover

William Klein has continuously been active in the front lines in a wide range of areas, working as a fashion photographer for Vogue magazine, a movie director, and a photographer who continues to capture urban sceneries in unique ways. Following New York (1956), Rome (1956) and Moscow (1961), the photographs of Tokyo that are shown here represent part 4 of Klein’s series themed around cities. In pictures of pachinko parlors, the stock market, strippers, billboards and neon signs, he portrays a chaotic Tokyo in the middle of the period of rapid economic growth.

Contains one original print (numbered & hand-signed, 10 copies each of 10 different types).

Keywords: Tokyo Snapshot

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Book Size
355 × 260 mm
200 pages
Paper Size
339 × 250 mm
Image Size
320 × 219 mm
Publication Date
Limited Edition

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