William KLEIN

Publisher: Akio Nagasawa Publishing

William Klein’s “Celebration” – the legendary master photographer’s selection of his favorite works.
At 90 years of age, American photographer William Klein looks back on his career and selects works from his career that he deems his best. The book is a tour de force of his most iconic and emblematic works in black-and-white as well as in color, with pictures taken in his hometown New York to instants shot in Rome, Paris and Moscow.
The book also includes texts (in English and Japanese translation) by William Klein, in which he reflects on the art of photography itself and reminisces about the works included in his selection, and by film director Pedro Almodovar.
True to its name, this photobook offers a true “Celebration” of photography and a distillation of the oeuvre of one of its most renowned artists.


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Book Size
180 × 248 mm
112 pages
Publication Date
English, Japanese
Limited Edition

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William KLEIN