Painted Contacts (Japanese Edition)

Painted Contacts (Japanese Edition)

William KLEIN

Publisher: Akio Nagasawa Publishing

With “Painted Contacts,” William Klein presents an organic marriage between photography and painting.

Originally conceived when he was working on other photographers’ contact sheets, William Klein invents a new form of expression that combines photography with painting. Hinting at the age of film photography and photographers marking their choice of a particular shot with brightly colored circled drawn directly on the contact sheets, Klein paints bright, vibrant colors on photographs – iconic shots as well as lesser known pieces – of his long career, giving his black-and-white fashion and street photography images a second life in a new context. Additionally, Klein’s “Painted Contacts” provide insight into the selection process behind some of photography’s most well-known images and reveal just how decisive the choice of the right moment can be.

“When I started painting the Contacts, it was all brush strokes and jubilation. The jubilation of painting recalled the celebration of taking the photo. For me, taking a photo was a celebration, was physical and gave me a super charge.” — from William Klein’s foreword

Please note that all texts in this Japanese edition are in Japanese language.

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