WERK Magazine No. 29

WERK Magazine No. 29

YoshirottenWING Shya

Publisher: WERK Magazine


Issue number 29 of the influential Singapore-based “Werk Magazine” is dedicated to Japanese visual artist Yoshirotten, with Yoshirotten’s reinterpretations, remixes and reworkings of photographs from Daido Moriyama’s “New Shinjuku” series, a collaboration with Hong Kong photographer Wing Shya, and solo works made by the artist. Yoshirotten’s sophisticated image manipulations bring a new, fresh angle to Moriyama’s photographs and create unseen visual worlds in tandem with Wing Shya’s photographic eye. Produced by legendary designer Theseus Chan, the magazine divides the three series into separate parts and pays great attention to the physicality as a printed medium.

“The choice of materials and processes are industrial. Intense inking, set-offs and strikethroughs are applied in varying measures as a visual expression.” (from the publisher’s description)

Keywords: Singapore Hong Kong


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