Since joining the "image shop CAMP" in 1982, he has traveled all over Japan and has continued to work mainly at independent galleries. Since 1999, he has switched from black-and-white to color negative photography, and even now produces his own prints in the darkroom. In recent years, there has been an increase in filming and presentations of works overseas. Many of his photo collections include "Slow Boat", "Tokyo Candy Box", "MATATABI", "Faraway Boat", and "Have a Break".


1960 Born in Fukuoka.
1982 Graduated from Tokyo Photograph College (present name/Tokyo Visual Arts)
1982 Participated in the gallery [Image Shop CAMP]
1988 Opened up the gallery [KAIDO] at Tokyo (It was managed untill 1992)
2002 Participated in the gallery [photographers' gallery] at Tokyo
2007 Re opened up the gallery [KAIDO] at Tokyo


1991 “Seitaka Awadachi-sou” Sokyu-sha
1996 “DISTANCE” Mole
2001 “Tokyo Candy Box” Wize Shuppan
2001 “hysteric Five : Onaka Koji” hysteric glamour
2003 “slow boat” Sokyu-sha
2005 “in-between Latvia,Spain” EU-Japan fest Japan Committee
2006 “GRASSHOPPER” Tosei-sha
2007 “DRAGONFLY” Tosei-sha
2008 “slow boat second publish”
2008 “The Dog in France” Sokyu-sha
2008 “1983 Nogata:Echoes of Coal and Steel” Grafica
2011 “Umimachi” Super Labo
2012 “Matatabi” Super Labo
2012 “DISTANCE” matatabi library
2012 “Umimachi・1997” matatabi library
2013 “twin boat” session press
2013 “LUCKY CAT” Matatabi library
2014 “EXTRA HARD” Matatabi library

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2022 [Have a Break & My Ektachrome] Gallery Negative Busan Korea
[My Ektachrome] Gallery KAIDO
2021 [Have a Break] Gallery KAIDO / gallery 176 Osaka / gallery 0369 Mie
[Horse & Cactus] Gallery KAIDO / Solaris Osaka
[My photo book history] Book obscura Tokyo
[Faraway Boat and Little Faded Trip] NEGATIVE gallery Busan Korea
2020 [Little Faded Trip] PLACE M Tokyo / gallery 176 Osaka / gallery 0369 Mie
[Neko to Koji-kun] Solaris Osaka / Fuji Film Photo Salon Tokyo
[Faraway Boat] Poetic Scape Tokyo
[Faraway Boat] Irie Taikichi memorial museum of photography Nara city/ Nara
2019 [Short Trip Again] Gallery NEGATIVE Busan . Korea
[Faraway Boat] White Press Verlag. Colgne Germany
[Sleeping cat] Super labo Tokyo
2018 [memories of younger days in Shinjuku] in)(between gallery. Paris France
['80s Shinjuku] Place M Tokyo. Japan
[Koji Onaka] Gallery Wall Ulsan. Korea
[Free bird] Pan view gallery Zhengzhou.China
[Short trip again] Visual art gallery Osaka.Japan
[Slow boat] Imageless Space Wuxi.China
[sleeping cat] gallery Kaido.Tokyo
2017 [slow boat] Poetic scape. Tokyo
[Collecting Summers] Gallery Kaido. Tokyo
2016 [Black frame vertical position] Nakamatsu Shoten. Tokyo
[Memento vivere- From the road] in)(between gallery .Paris
[Lucky cat] Fondation A Stichting, Brussels
2015 [chromaAtic time Axis-detached] in)(between gallery .Paris
2015 [Umimachi] Zeit Foto Salon,Tokyo
2014 [twin boat]Visual art Gallery Osaka/Zen Foto Galley
2014 [Lucky cat & Matatabi] Projektraum Fotografie Dortmund Germany
[The Dog in France] Le 29 Librairie Photographique Paris
2013 [My favorite 21] Zen photo gallery Roppongi,Tokyo
2012 [I'm full] Sorajuku,Tokyo/Athens,Osaka
[Koji Onaka]CARRÉ AMELOT ,La Rochell.France
2010 [Tokyo Candy Box] LE PLAC'ART PHOTO, Paris
2010 [Horse & Cactus 2] EMON photo gallery, Tokyo
2009 [SEITAKA-AWADACHISO/NOGATA] Tanio Musium, Fukuoka
2008 [The Dog in France] Nadar,Osaka
2007 [Horse&Cactus- in Mexico] Emon photo gallery,Tokyo
[DRAGONFLY] Chukyo University gallery C・Square
2005 [Latvia,Spain] Visual Arts gallery,Tokyo
2003 [slow boat] photographers' gallery,Tokyo
2001 [Tokyo Candy Box] PLACE M, Tokyo /Visual Arts,Tokyo/ Shinjuku Nikon Salon, Tokyo
1998 [Machikage] Studio EBIS Photo Gallery, Tokyo
1996 [DISTANCE] mole,Tokyo/BERG,Tokyo
1993 [Seitaka Awadachi-sou] Ginza Nikon Salon, Tokyo
1988-91 series [Seitaka Awadachi-sou] a total of 32 times, gallery KAIDO, Tokyo
1983 [Seitaka Awadachi-sou no aru machi] CAMP, Tokyo

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 [Heisei-Tokyo Snap shot Love] Fuji Film SQUARE Tokyo/ Osaka
2019 [Kaido] Wall gallery Ulsan, Korea
2018 [Highsight - Fotografia ad alta quota] Comune di Gressoney-saint Jean, Italy
2017 [slow boat -10 years of White press] at Forum für Fotografie. Köln ,Germany
2016 [Seven Japanese Rooms] Fondazion Cassa dI risparmio, La Spezia, Italy
2016 [Japanese Photography from Postwar to Now] SFMOMA,Sun Francisco,USA
2016 [Contemporary Japanese Photography] MOMA Tbilisi,Georgia
2014 [Umiachi1997] Kunsthause Essen Germany
2014 [CANALE GARNDE] KunstVereine Ruhr Germany
2011 [Sigeichi Nagano & Koji Onaka// Ce qui se défait ] PHOTO4, Paris France.
2010 [Daegu Photo Biennale] Culture and Art Center, Daegu, Korea.
2010 [Landscape of Ashikaga] Ashikaga Art Museum,Tochigi.
2009 [Voayages] The Japan Foundation Paris France/ Toluca Mexico/ Lisbon Portugal/ Tokyo
2009 [THE MANILA BOX] Kaida gallery Manila Phillipin
2007 [Japan Caught by Camera]Shanghai Musium China
2007 [RECENT ACQUISITIONS] Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
2005 [Takaramono-My precious:Photos and words five contenporary japanese photographers] Yokohama citizens gallery,Yokohama
2002-3 [BLACK OUT/Contemporary Japanese Photography ]The Japan Foundation Roma/Paris/Tokyo
2002 [The18th Higasikawa Photofiesta] Higashikawa Culture Gallery,Hokkaido


1992 The 4th Shasin-no-kai prize
2002 The18th Higasikawa new photographer prize
2006 The Photographic Society of Japan new photographer prize

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