A day in February with light

A day in February with light


Publisher: Morioka Shoten

Ceramic artist Kuroda Taizo, who passed away in April 2021, worked almost exclusively with white porcelain in pursuit of expressing his own view on the world through form.

Artist Shin Yamane photographed two of Taizo’s vases – one cylindrical, the other plum shaped – and photographed them using natural light over the course of an entire day: the plum vase on February 14, the cylindrical vase on February 22.
Starting in the early morning, with barely any light to illuminate the vases, and finishing after sundown, Yamane’s photographs express Kuroda’s philosophy in a delicate visual language that lets the vase freely interact with the light as it transitions from day to night. Even though the formal composition remains the same, the changing conditions let different worlds emerge in the pictures.

Keywords: Still life


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263 × 188 × 10 mm
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English, Japanese

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