CAI Dong-Dong

Publisher: Jiazazhi Press

"These works were sourced from my photos taken in these years. They were piled up like chicken ribs, so I operated on them, like a surgeon. I applied various methods according to different pictures: engraving, rubbing, curling, or making a photography installation with other objects. I tried all I can to save these pictures by giving them new meanings. Each picture was printed by hand. I looked them over and over to explore their inner dramatic structures, or even another space. When the image is regarded as a pure object, the print becomes a tangible place."

-Statement from the artist.

Born in Tianshu, Gansu China in 1978, Cai Dongdong’s Fountain brings together the unique work of the Beijing based photographer within the photobook form. Beginning his photographic career as the portrait photographer whilst enlisted in the People’s Liberation Army, Cai Dongdongs photography brilliantly creates altering dimensions, exploring worlds of half fragmented realities. Published Within the series is a visual narrative which combines both taken and found imagery. Incorporating both annotated text and notes, Fountain presents a narrative that engages the viewer in world which amalgamates the complexities of both fact and fiction.

Included within the publication is both artist statement and essay by Hai Jie titled ‘Image Topology’.

All text within the publication available in both Simplified Chinese and English.


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Book Size
220 x 270 mm
92 pages
Publication Date
English, Chinese
Limited Edition

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