Just Walking

Just Walking

Stefan Speidel

Publisher: ARD, Ltd.

A 2,000 km journey through Japan on foot – “Just Walking” by Stefan Speidel.

Having lived in Japan for more than 30 years, photographer Stefan Speidel went on a long, pensive journey through his adoptive home country. Starting in Tokyo, Speidel walked west to Kyoto and Osaka, then left the main island Honshu for Kyushu. From Beppu, he headed back towards Kyoto along the San’in coast, to return to Tokyo along the ancient Nakasendo path.
Speidel recorded his journey in—sometimes lyrical, sometimes symbolic—photographs and a detailed written report that collects his thoughts and encounters along the way. “When I resume my walk, I am aware that I move differently from the early days of this journey. I am aware of the wonderful smell of the forest, of the raindrops on my face, and of my feet hitting the ground with each step. I enjoy every day, but the days have started to flow together, and it is not easy to remember clearly whether I have been in a certain place two days ago or three.”

Keywords: Japan Travel


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Book Size
259 × 280 mm
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English, Japanese

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