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A story of passion and connection of two souls. Two to-be lovers from Hong Kong discovering each other’s bodies and their love for each another. Female bodies photographed through female eyes. “MoMoMe” by Hong Kong-based photographer Siuding tells its story through brilliantly framed black-and-white photographs and borrows from the language of cinema. Photographs are sized and combined to drive situations forward with rhythm (the lighting of a cigarette, lips reaching for an earlobe) and allow moments to linger.
The book includes an afterword by Siuding (in Chinese & English).

“These photographs bear witness to the female perspective on the female body, portraying a blend of fantasy and reality, where the cityscape intertwines with corporeal forms. The carefully curated sequence of images tells a fictional tale, hinting at the complexities of love and desire in a subtle and enigmatic manner.”
— from the publisher’s description

“Arms wrapped tight around one another, we floated to the middle of the room and swam out through the cracks in the floor-to-ceiling glass. In the darkness just before dawn, we danced hand in hand in mid-air above the buildings of Mong Kok. Even if the entire city had collapsed right at that moment, even if the end of the world had come, it would not have kept the two of us from making that journey all by ourselves. The breeze came, and a burst of morning rain fell. Naked, we closed our eyes and turned our faces up to the wind and rain, each of us so entwined with the other that ta was me, and I was ta.”
— from Siuding’s afterword

Keywords: Hong Kong Nude


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255 × 190 mm
88 pages
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English, Chinese
Limited Edition

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